Remote browser testing

Don’t have a desired browser in your local? No worry, you can use the following executors for remote test.

Enable an executor

To do the remote browser test, you need to enable an executor:

  • Install the wanted executor via npm install or add it into your package.json file.
  • E.g. install from npm install:
npm install testarmada-magellan-saucelabs-executor --save
  • Add following code in your magellan.json
  "executors": [
  "strategy_bail": "testarmada-magellan-early-bail-strategy"
  • Please note: Some executors need specific configuration to be functional. Please refer to the in executor’s repo for detail configuration.

Run tests with multiple executors

Magellan allows to run tests with one or more executors at the same time. This is done by passing a specific command line argument to magellan.

# to run test in Chrome
--local_browser chrome
# to run test in both Chrome and Firefox
--local_browsers chrome, firefox