Most of you must already know some about web automation. In this training series, we will show you how to leverage Test Armada tools to make end-to-end tests easy, reliable, and massively parallel distributing tests across available resources both locally and remotely.


  1. Hostname mapping and open certain ports
  • Please add the following hostname mapping in the /etc/hosts file
  • Demo test will use ports range [12000, 12010], please make sure your machine allows those ports
  1. Install nvm We recommend using nvm to manage your node and npm version. The sample project recommends [email protected] and above, [email protected] and above.
nvm install 6.11.2
nvm use 6.11.2
  1. Apply SauceLabs credentials (username and api-key)

    The demo tests can be executed on SauceLabs. To use it, please make sure you have:

  • SauceLabs account
  • Have the following credentials set up in ~/.bashrc file
  1. Install Chrome browser, if you don't have it yet