About Us

Test Armada is a technology agnostic quality automation platform to enable engineers to develop and deliver high quality software.


Our Team

Claude Jones, Sr. Director of Engineering - [email protected]

Pranav Verma, Sr. Engineering Manager - [email protected]

Functional Testing Fleet

Renas Reda, Staff Engineer - [email protected]

Lei Zhu, Staff Engineer - [email protected]

Chengzhi Jia, Software Engineer - [email protected]

Chi Ahrens, Staff Engineer - [email protected]

Lillian Wang, Staff Engineer - [email protected]

Mocking Fleet

Himanshu Jain, Sr. Engineering Manager - [email protected]

Pranav Parikh, Senior Engineer - [email protected]

Shane Chapman, Staff Engineer - [email protected]

Yash Shah, Software Engineer - [email protected]

Performance Testing Fleet

Praveen Kulkarni, Sr. Engineering Manager - [email protected]

Boris Oks, Staff Engineer - [email protected]

Abha Gupta, Senior Engineer - [email protected]

Ashish Shah, Senior Engineer - [email protected]

Irfan RabbanSab, Senior Engineer - [email protected]

Kiran Maharana, Software Engineer - [email protected]

John Bouchard, Senior Engineer [email protected]

Data Insights Fleet

Dave Stevens, Sr. Engineering Manager - [email protected]

Vijay Giri, Staff Engineer - [email protected]

Michael Davis, Staff Engineer - [email protected]

Vinay Pullepu - Software Engineer - [email protected]


Rainer Lichtenfeld, Principle Engineer - [email protected]


Parag Parkhi, Principal Program Manager - [email protected]

Amy Kirn, Program Manager - [email protected]