Trending Functional Data Insights allow the developer to see how the health of their functional test suite has evolved over time.

Use case

As applications change over time with new code updates and added features, there is the potential for functionality and appearance to break or unexpectedly change. Easily accessed trending functional data enables the development team to assess the impact of these changes on the health of their test suite.

This helps identify repeated issues being introduced, highlight features that are consistently failing on certain browsers/devices and pinpoint browsers/devices that need special attention by the development team.


Having access to this trending data allows teams to make lasting changes to their development workflows to avoid repeating the same mistakes. This saves many hours of engineering time over the life of a project, and improves code quality across the organization.


The Data Insights Platform will provide clear reporting views for your project - see this preview of the visualization of your data:

Functional Trending Dashboard


Architecture Diagram