End to End testing doesn't have to be slow and unreliable.

TestArmada is a fleet of tools for making cross-browser end-to-end testing fast, user-friendly, and valuable at scale, across large teams, without those annoying false positives.

Why TestArmada?

Built for Walmart Scale

Built at WalmartLabs to drive quality for the world's largest retailer, TestArmada is battle-tested, enterprise-grade, and ready to take on end-to-end testing for your site.

More Signal, Less Noise

TestArmada tells you everything you need to know, and nothing you don't. Notifications occur in real-time when tests fail, and a beautiful dashboard always shows the latest status for each suite.

Results You Can Trust

TestArmada won't waste your team's time or erode its trust with annoying false-positives. When failures occur, TestArmada intelligently retries the tests to smooth over common sources of "test flake".


With TestArmada, WalmartLabs has made end-to-end testing part of the shared culture between dev & QA. Both organizations collaborate to ensure quality at all levels: development, staging, and production.

TestArmada's Components


The heart of TestArmada, Magellan is a massively parallel test runner. By distributing tests across available CPU cores, Magellan blazes through long test suites in a fraction of the time, aggregating results in one friendly report.


Nightwatch is a friendly NodeJS-based wrapper for Selenium, allowing developers and QA to author tests in a way that's easy to learn and quick to iterate on. The Nightwatch-Extra adapter is the first of many adapters to come for bringing other webdriver wrappers into the TestArmada ecosystem.


Like a tree falling in the woods, a test report that nobody reads doesn't make a sound. Admiral is a beautiful dashboard that makes it easy to check the latest cross-browser test results, and to spot trends and sources of failures.

Try it Out!

Run the following in your favorite terminal to see TestArmada in action:

git clone https://github.com/TestArmada/boilerplate-nightwatch.git
cd boilerplate-nightwatch
npm install # may take awhile on slower connections
./node_modules/.bin/magellan --serial --browser=chrome

You should have seen TestArmada's test runner "Magellan" open up Chrome, and run through three different tests one-by-one. Next try this command, which demonstrates TestSwarm's ability to drive multiple browsers in parallel, and aggregate the results:

./node_modules/.bin/magellan --browser=chrome

You should have seen 3 Chrome windows open at once (probably stacked on top of each other) and the results of all 3 tests aggregated on the console. Next, let's try using the "headless" browser simulator, PhantomJS instead of Chrome. This is a great choice for continuous integration systems:

./node_modules/.bin/magellan --browser=phantomjs

Ready to try TestArmada in Your Project?

Check out the README in the Boilerplate to get started!